Exhibited at the “1st Agriculture De-carbonization and SDGs EXPO AGRI GREEN TOKYO”, the largest of its kind in Japan

Rice Crop Consortium, which boasts a total rice paddy area equivalent to about 1,500 Tokyo Domes, and decarbonization schemes for agriculture accumulated overseas.

◆Green Carbon’s Exhibit

This exhibition is an event where companies dealing with sustainable agriculture-related products will gather within the 13th Agriculture Week, Japan’s largest comprehensive agriculture and livestock exhibition, to be held at Makuhari Messe from October 11 (Wed.) to 13 (Fri.), 2023. More than 50 companies aiming to realize both improved productivity and sustainability in the food, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries will gather for a lively exchange among farmers and agricultural corporations from all over Japan.
 Green Carbon will present the achievements of the Rice Crop Consortium, a consultative body of companies and farmers whose members boast an area of rice paddies equivalent to about 1,500 Tokyo Domes (about 7,000 hectares), as well as the decarbonization schemes for agriculture accumulated overseas. The event will also include business negotiations and seminars related to carbon credits. We look forward to seeing you there, whether you are a farmer who wants to create carbon credits or a company that wishes to collaborate with us. 

◯paddy field consortium

Following the approval by the J-Credit Steering Committee on March 1, 2023 of a new methodology for “Extension of the Medium Drying Period in Rice Cultivation,” Green Carbon launched the “Rice Cultivation Consortium,” an organization consisting of farmers, agriculture-related organizations, companies, and local governments, to create J-Credits in Japan. was launched. The consortium helps farmers to greatly simplify the registration and application process by allowing them to register their rice paddies at no initial cost and apply for J-credits together.
 As of the end of September, the total area of paddy fields of the member farmers reached approximately 7,000 ha, and many farmers have actually extended their drying-out period this fiscal year. At this exhibition, we will also be accepting applications for the second phase of advance membership in the rice farming consortium. Farmers and partner companies who would like to work on carbon credit generation for the next fiscal year are welcome to visit our exhibition booth.


This groundbreaking service provides a one-stop support service for farmers, local governments, and businesses by estimating the amount of carbon credits to be generated and uploading the necessary documents to Agreen’s service website, from the complicated application procedures to project implementation and credit sales.
 In addition to this paddy field methodology, Agreen plans to expand the service to a wide range of other applications such as biochar application to farmland, reduction of methane gas from cow burps, and reduction of pesticides.

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◯Tasting corner of environmentally friendly rice
In the exhibition booth, visitors will be able to compare and taste rice produced by normal farming methods and rice actually produced by extending the period of medium-drying. Green Carbon aims to develop services that support farmers in a more three-dimensional way by not only reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also by contributing to branding, price increases, and the expansion of sales outlets for rice produced with environmental considerations.

◆Outline of the 1st Agriculture De-carbon & SDGs EXPO (AGRI GREEN TOKYO)



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