Our Business


We have a carbon credit creation consulting business, a research and development (R&D) business for plants with high carbon dioxide absorption capacity, a carbon credit trading business, and an ESG consulting business.

Carbon Credit Creation consulting business

Since the declaration of “carbon neutrality by 2050,” there has been an increasing demand to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We provide strategic support from all angles, including the development of methodologies, design of measures, and introduction of partners, to address the major issues that need to be addressed as a company.

Plant research and development projects

In-house genome editing-centered research and development aimed at accelerating plant growth rates and improving carbon dioxide absorption.

Carbon Credit Trading Business

We act as an intermediary for the purchase of carbon credits that already exist in the world and support the sale of carbon credits that have actually been created by the company.

ESG Consulting Business

We provide a full range of solutions to the sustainability issues that companies are required to address, and support them in parallel with the disclosure and dissemination of information.


Background of Initiatives


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