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Save the earth with the power of nature

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Toward contributing to the creation of a sustainable society

Under our vision of “saving the earth with the power of life,” we hope to consider ways to curb global warming by maximizing the potential of life. In this context, we are particularly focusing on the primary industry. Primary industries must coexist in harmony with nature, which has been greatly affected by typhoons and temperature fluctuations. If climate change continues at the current rate, the risk of species extinction will increase by up to 30% if global warming continues. Even under current conditions, many issues will increase, including succession and devastated farmland problems. In response to climate change, we are focusing on plants that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maximize their CO2 fixation capacity in order to halt climate change. We have also identified three materialities that address not only plants but also water and biodiversity.

Support for the challenge of becoming carbon neutral

Many companies have expressed a desire to challenge CN, but many have yet to see concrete details of their achievement. We will support the achievement of CN by connecting primary industry businesses with companies that have CN as their goal, which we are partnering with. In addition, we will develop multiple species with high carbon fixation capacity, which we are developing, and provide them to more primary industry businesses so that they can contribute to decarbonization in an efficient manner.

Challenges to a world where everyone is happy

Primary industry operators cannot avoid the impact of nature on their yields. By CNing the world, we will make it possible to maintain and improve the current nature. We will also provide primary industry businesses with additional income in the form of carbon credits by contributing to decarbonization. By doing so, we will provide a livable society by expanding their source of income.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives

Since primary industry businesses are also physical labor, there are few female workers. By DXing primary industry, we are building a society where even women can work comfortably. We also aim to create a society where anyone can work by delivering this technology not only to Japan but also to the rest of the world.

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  • Green Carbon,inc.
  • Adress:
  • Room 607 IsaI AKASAKA, 5-2-33 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Phone:(+81)80-7307-8597
  • CEO:Jun Okita
  • Establishment: December 2019
  • Capital: 90,410,000 yen
  • Business:
    -Carbon Credit Generation and Sales Business
    -ESG Consulting Business
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