Under our vision of ‘Save the earth with the power of nature’, we hope to consider how we can curb global warming by making the most of the potential of life. In this context, we are particularly focusing on the primary industry. Primary industries have to live in harmony with nature and have been greatly affected by typhoons and temperature changes in the recent climate change.

Even under current conditions, many issues will increase, such as the problem of succession and degraded farmland. We want to put a stop to environmental problems and climate change through carbon credits.

Won’t you join us and save the earth for the future?

CEO Jun Okita

Business Department

Domestic Division

Develop farmer development, enterprise development and business planning for carbon credit generation in the country.


・Project manager
・Domestic sales

Global Division

The project involves the creation and sale of carbon credits and corporate partnerships, mainly in South-East Asia, Latin America and Australia.


・Global project manager
・Global analyst

ESG Consulting Division

We provide a full range of solutions to the sustainability responses and issues required by companies, and work alongside them to disclose and disseminate information.


・ESG consultant 

R&D Division

Collaborate with national and international universities and research institutions to carry out research that is highly relevant to carbon credits.


・R & D person



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